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Typical industrial solenoids consist of a few main elements: a cylindrical coil, a steel or iron frame and a steel or iron plunger. Once the coil is energized, it causes the plunger inside the coil to move by either pushing or pulling. The solenoid actually consists of two coils, one high amperage strong momentary coil to pull the plunger in, and one low amperage continuous coil that stays on in order to keep the plunger pulled in. Essentially, it’s an electromagnet with a least one moving part capable of completing some useful work.

Solenoids are often used for throttle control and fuel shutdown applications and can often be found in mobile and stationary equipment, including lawn and garden equipment, compressors, generators, and construction equipment.

We are Trombetta’s Southeast Authorized Distributor for solenoids & contactors, and we also carry a large assortment of Woodward solenoids - including Synchro Start solenoids - and Cummins solenoids.

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We can supply: Yanmar industrial engines and engine parts, John Deere diesel parts and replacement engines and Isuzu diesel engine parts. We specialize in diesel engine and electrical parts and carry:

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  • As a dealer of Isuzu parts we have access to warehouses and inventory across North America. For help with Isuzu and all other top quality engine parts, try to locate your model, serial number with the spec, year and vehicle the engine is in before calling.

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