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Trombetta Solenoids & Contactors 

Synchro-start Solenoids and Modules

 Trombetta makes Solenoid actuators, DC contactors, Electronic controls, and engineering services as an alternative replacement for manufacturer parts. Trombetta makes a comparable product at prices you simply won't see from your supplier 

Trombetta solenoids from the "P" series that pull or the "Q" series that push

Trombetta DC contactors used in many different applications, from battery disconnects to reversing motors

Trombetta control modules that turn a three wire solenoid into a two wire.

Trombetta switches used for motor controls to raising or lowing a mower deck.

We carry a wide range of DC contactors. You will find that we have DC contactors in plastics, metals, 12 and 24vdc.

Polaris  contactors 772-1211-212 12V/INT in Stock. 

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           Trombetta's Southeast Authorized Distributor for Solenoids & Contactors

We carry a large assortment of Trombetta solenoids and contactors in stock.

See our new solenoid ISE610-B1V12 Click Here

Synchro-Start Solenoids in Stock

WoodWard Solenoids In Stock

Synchro-Start Manufactured by Woodward

Woodward Solenoids - Woodward bought out Synchro-Start. Woodward main products are engine governing equipment.

Synchro-Start solenoids, Synchro-start controls, Synchro-start by Woodward, Synchro-start

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 Isuzu engine parts, Isuzu engine components, Isuzu industrial diesel engine parts

   Isuzu Industrial engine parts

We carry a selection of Isuzu parts in inventory, but being a Dealer, we have access to all the warehouses across North America! Mark is our resident engine parts Guru, so have your model, serial number along with the spec, year and vehicle the engine is in. This pertains to all engine brands, John Deere, Isuzu, Detroit Diesel...etc.

*Stocking Quality John Deere®Engine Parts.

John Deere engine parts and Isuzu engine parts are our specialty. We also represent a company that remanufactures John Deere engines, Not rebuilds. There is a difference! Call or go to our quote area and submit a quote to Mark. The best in the business is Mark and he is busy, so be patient and he will respond as soon as possible. Thanks!

JD Long block engines, Complete reman engines.

John Deere long blocks, John Deere short blocks, John Deere diesel engine parts, John Deere aftermarket engine parts

We specialize in diesel engine and electrical parts!

Vibration Isolators, Instrument panels, Solenoids, Contactors, Switches, Breakers, Basler, Cutler-Hammer, Eaton, Westinghouse, Woodward/Synchro-start, Circuit Breakers, Transfer Switches, AC magnetic contactors, Diesel Engine Parts, Voltage Change Over Switches, Riken Breakers,